It can be nice to tailor classes and challenges for your students, perhaps based on a theme, the time of year, or an in-joke.

This is a template I designed, for an in-person ice-breaker game. This is an ice-breaker with a Valentine’s theme. Bear in mind that this is a simple ice-breaker, and not designed to encourage romance!

The game is loosely based on something you may have played before, called “Two Truths and a Lie”, and it’s called ‘FIND THE TRUTH’!

This ice-breaker will also act for team-bonding, and psychological safety, as team members will feel closer as they learn more about each other.

Suggested method of facilitation:

  1. Give each participant a printed sheet, and ask them to think of one thing they LOVE, and three things they don’t love. Encourage them to think of totally different categories.
  2. I like to start of by showing an example, like the one below …. (can you ‘Find the Truth'”?)

  1. After each participant has filled in the form, let them take turns. Others must guess what they think the one “Truth” is (A, B, C or D) before each answer is revealed!
  2. Time permitting, encourage some chat after each ’round’ (i.e. natural talk, like “I can’t believe you don’t like oysters”).

    Have fun!

You can download the printable PDF version here, and this comes under the CC0 license. 🙂

If you came here but this idea doesn’t work for you, then I can recommend this Hubspot Post with 70 Icebreaker Ideas!

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