“How Might We” or HMW questions are great for further exploring an idea. They can be used both during Ideation and while Prototyping. The HMW list below is by no means exhaustive, but might inspire you to think of something relevant to your app.

Please add more ideas in the comments at the bottom of this page to share with others!

Family Members

  1. How might we improve the app to better facilitate communication and coordination between family members or friends, regardless of their location or time zone?
  2. How might we create features that enable families to collaborate on tasks and projects, such as planning a holiday or birthday party?


  1. How might we incorporate more engaging and interactive features into the app to make it more fun and entertaining for users, such as games or challenges that can be played with friends?
  2. How might we leverage social media integration to allow users to share their achievements and activities with friends and followers?


  1. How might we improve the app’s accessibility and ease of use for people with different levels of tech savviness or familiarity with the app’s functions?
  2. How might we facilitate greater social interaction and community-building among users of the app, such as through forums, interest groups, or virtual events?


  1. How might we introduce the app to new users?
  2. How might we customise the app for users based on their preferences?
  3. How might we streamline the user interface?
  4. How might we simplify the navigation of the app to make it more intuitive and user-friendly?
  5. How might we test the usability of the app to ensure it is easy and enjoyable to use?
  6. How might we leverage user feedback and analytics to continuously improve the app’s functionality and user experience over time?


  1. How might we create a platform that offers personalised learning experiences for users to develop new skills and knowledge?
  2. How might we incorporate interactive and engaging learning tools, such as gamification or virtual reality, to make the learning process more fun and immersive?


  1. How might we create a platform that helps users discover new hobbies?
  2. How might we help connect people with similar hobbies?
  3. How might we provide resources and support for users to pursue their hobbies, such as tutorials, online communities, or marketplace for equipment and supplies?


  1. How might we develop an app that helps users identify their weaknesses in knowledge or skills, which then provides tailored resources and training to improve them?
  2. How might we create opportunities for users to showcase their skills and receive recognition from their peers or potential employers?


  1. How might we help users build meaningful connections with others?
  2. How might we all enable support for users, such as through mentorship programs, online support groups, or anonymous chat rooms?
  3. How might we create a safe and inclusive environment that encourages users to share their stories and experiences with others?

Making Friends

  1. How might we create an app that helps users break the ice and make new friends in real life settings, such as at school or work?
  2. How might we incorporate features such as icebreaker games, or social events to facilitate social interactions and conversations between strangers?
  3. How might we use geolocation to connect people locally to meet in the real-world?


  1. How might we facilitate social interactions between users who share similar interests or backgrounds?
  2. How might we leverage geolocation and event notifications to help users organise and attend social gatherings and events?


  1. How might we develop a dating feature that promotes authentic connections and reduces the emphasis on physical appearance?
  2. How might we incorporate features such as personality assessments, shared values, or mutual interests to match users based on compatibility rather than just superficial traits?

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