I’ve been facilitating and partaking in Design Sprints for a few years now. As an engineer – Design Thinking was a game-changer for me. It took a while for it to click with me. I consider myself an “open-minded cynic” and Design Thinking went against how my brain works – I want to fast-forward through the Ideation process and start prototyping ….


When introducing students to Design Thinking, I’ve used various graphics, I’ve made my own, but I was never totally happy with the visual representation.

Here, I’m sharing the latest version I’ve made, for my brain, and my understanding of Design Thinking, I really like it because;

  • It shows the different stages.
  • It shows the Design Squiggle (by Damien Newman, thedesignsquiggle.com)
  • It shows where you ‘go wide’ and where you ‘go narrow’.

You can see the graphic here –

Best Graphic to Represent Design Thinking

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