Kick off the DEFINE Stage of Design Thinking: Write your Problem Statement

This video serves as a a “pre-introduction” to Design Thinking. The first few minutes introduce the Point of View AKA Problem Statement. The last five minutes are time for the Design Sprinter to write down a Point of View Statement, based on their team’s Empathy.

You can watch the video with others (e.g. group/class), but must do the activity in silence by yourself.

During this video, you’ll think of a Point of View Statement – it won’t be the final statement that you will use as a team!

Educators/Design Sprint Facilitators can use this video as a RLO (Reusable Learning Object) – e.g. ask students to watch in their own time, to kick-off the Define Stage.

When I play this in class, it’s usually before a break or at the end of a day.

In the next session, I use this format:

  1. Introduce the Define Stage again
  2. Explain the Point of View/Problem Statement format
  3. Give examples of bad, good and better statements
  4. Use some examples from what participants wrote during the above video, focusing on imperfect statements.
  5. In silence, ask each participants to come up with another, brand-new Point of View statement.
  6. Ask students to meet with their Design Thinking team, to share their Problem Statements and come up with one final statement, as a team!

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